Repesenting Landlords & Tenants

We specialize in all Landlord Tenant Related Issues Throught New York City

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We help you get the fastest results for any types of occupants, ranging from section 8 to market rate tenants...

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HP cases

Providing legal assistance for issues such as heat & hot water, repairs and ECB hearings..

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Illegal Lockouts

If you have been removed from your apartment by anyone other than a City Marshal.. We can help you!

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Breach of lease, expiration of lease, nuisance, chronic nonpayment... We have you covered..

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Small Claims

We are able to assist you on Civil or Supreme Court cases either residential or commercial ..

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Cases such as Illegal apartments, illegal conversion in a private house, or illegal renting of rooms...

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Drafting and review of residential and commercial leases, it is very important to ensure that your lease protects your rights...

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Commercial Cases

We have vast experience in Commercial landlord-tenant cases (stores, offices, etc..) and offer great rates..

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